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About Us

Kotinos Partners is a niche advisory firm specialising in high performance. Kotinos Partners was founded in 2010 by James Bowen and Brian MacNeice to serve international clients with ambition to be the best in their games. Our services include consultancy (in areas of strategy, organisation and leadership), diagnosis and education. Kotinos Partners works from a base in Dublin, Ireland serving a portfolio of international clients including Johnson & Johnson, Mouchel and Genzyme.

We believe winning organisations are made, not born, and that any organisation can become a high-performing organisation. High performance is a challenge of commitment, design and delivery. We partner with our clients to tackle these challenges and achieve sustained performance results.

Our name (pronounced koh-tih-noss) derives from the ancient Greek kotinos (κοτινος), an olive branch intertwined to form a circle. In the ancient Olympic Games, winning athletes were rewarded by being crowned with the kotinos. The kotinos, therefore, is a symbol of high performance.