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How Is High Performance Achieved?

Sustained high performance is a challenge of commitment, designexecution and learning.

  • Commitment - every institution that has reached and stayed at the top of its field has achieved this in the first instance because it set out to
  • Design - the leaders of these institutions create bespoke strategy, people and organisational performance models to deliver sustained outperformance
  • Execution - performance derives from what the institutions do rather than what they say they do
  • Learning - the best in their games are more effective than their peers at using feedback, benchmarking and other processes to improve the rate at which they improve

We engage with clients to achieve sustained high performance by working across the three levers of our High Performance Model – namely Plan, People and Performance Environment:

The Kotinos High Performance Model

  • Unreasonable Ambition
  • Clarity of Focus
  • Plan to Win
  • Always On Strategy
  • Winning Teams
  • Meaning & Engagement
  • Feedback-Rich Culture
  • Resilience
Performance Environment
  • Structure & Process
  • Red Line
  • Performance Insight
  • Effective Measures
  • Performance Place
  • Performance Gap