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What Is High Performance?

We define high performance as sustained excellence over an extended period of time, indicated by the true measures that matter to an organisation. High performance is therefore neither soft nor abstract but instead hard and tangible. The ultimate measures of high performance must always connect to the organisation’s core purpose - for example, for a business, whose purpose is economic, an ultimate measure of high performance is long-term value creation, while an enterprise agency might prioritise job creation and inward investment.

Our High Performance Research 

We have been researching high performance for over 10 years. We constantly look to identify the leading institutions in diverse fields and to understand the secrets of their success. We use the insights from these studies to develop our understanding of high performance and to inform and enrich the work that we do with our clients. 

The institutions we have studied to date include: 

  • Toyota
  • Médecins Sans Frontières
  • IMG Academy 
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Curtis Institute of Music
  • New Zealand All Blacks
  • Kirov Ballet
  • Kenyan Olympic athletes
  • Finnish education system
  • US Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island